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Specialty Kits

Customizable Specialty Kits For Your Convenience.

Our team of experienced technicians will not only assist you in properly utilizing your specialty kit but will also take care of transporting it for testing. We offer a wide range of specialty kits for genetic testing, microbiology testing, infectious disease testing, and more.

Phlebotomist holding two vials for medical testing specialty kit

Bringing Our Expertise & Equipment To You, Anytime, Anywhere.

For specialty kits, contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone 513-202-3410.

Popular Specialty Kits

This kit includes specialized tubes and swabs needed for genetic testing, allowing for accurate and reliable analysis of DNA samples. 

This kit contains specialized medical collection equipment needed to help confirm or rule out allergies.

This kit contains specialized collection devices and transport media required for the collection and transport of microbiology samples. 

This kit includes specialized collection devices and transport media required for the safe and reliable collection and transport of infectious disease samples.

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