QuickDraws, LLC. is an independent mobile laboratory based in Cincinnati that brings important laboratory blood draw laboratory services to you. Our service is designed to accommodate individuals with health issues, busy work schedules, and other circumstances.

QuickDraws General Labs & Health Testing

~ Routine Blood Draws
~ Standing Order Draws
~ Cancer Screening
~ Cholesterol, Glucose, Insulin Testing

For a complete list of pediatric services and pricing information, call our office at (513) 202.3410

We accept most insurance. Please note all insurance must be verified, and this process could take 3-5 business days to complete. Once the verification process is completed, our staff will contact you to schedule testing. 

QuickDraws Drug & Alcohol Testing

QuickDraws drug and alcohol testing services can save your company time and money. Drug or alcohol abuse in the workplace puts employers at risk of increased accidents, lower productivity, and high insurance costs.

Let QuickDraws help you set up a customized drug and alcohol screening process that is highly efficient and very easy to manage.

Testing Services 

~ Random and Pre-Hire Testing
~ 24-hour Emergency Post Accident Service
~ Reasonable Suspicion Testing
~ Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services
~ Urine Testing (DOT/Non-DOT)
~ Hair Testing
~ Oral Fluid Testing
~ Blood Alcohol Testing