Are you looking to start a career in healthcare? If so, phlebotomy may be the perfect job for you. Phlebotomists play an essential role in healthcare by collecting blood samples for laboratory testing. To become a phlebotomist, you need specialized training. QuickSticks Phlebotomy Training will give you the skills and knowledge necessary to start your career in phlebotomy. Let’s explore the details of our comprehensive training and highlight what sets our phlebotomy training apart.

Our training covers different collection techniques and equipment used in clinical settings.

You’ll learn venipuncture, capillary puncture, methods. In addition to learning collection techniques, you’ll also learn how to handle specimens, proper labeling, and transporting of the specimens. Our training also covers infection control measures, patient privacy, and ethical and legal considerations in phlebotomy.

Our experienced instructors are dedicated to helping you succeed as a phlebotomist. They will guide you through our comprehensive curriculum and provide you with hands-on experience.You will gain the necessary skills to excel as a phlebotomist, including patient communication, critical thinking, and attention to detail.

Our courses cover all aspects of the certification exam

Including, medical terminology, and legal issues in healthcare. Our certification exam preparation courses are designed to help you pass on your first attempt. Through hands-on experience in a clinical setting, you’ll learn how to work in a real-world environment. Our training will guide you through the basics of phlebotomy and give you plenty of opportunities to practice your skills.

Lastly, we offer continuing education courses to help you stay current with the latest developments in the field. Continuing education is essential in healthcare, and our courses are designed to help you learn the latest techniques, stay on regulations and best practices, and enhance your knowledge and skills.
Phlebotomy is an exciting and rewarding career path that offers job security and endless opportunities. To succeed in this field, need specialized training and hands-on experience.

QuickSticks 8-week Phlebotomy Training offers comprehensive training that covers the latest techniques and best practices in the field.

Our experienced instructors will guide you through the program and provide you with the tools for success. Enroll in QuickSticks 8-week Phlebotomy Training today and start your journey to becoming a healthcare professional.

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